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Lycon Precision Waxing

Lycon Precision Waxing

'A complete premium waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier, virtually pain free. Superb results guaranteed.' 

Lycon Hot Wax uses a low temperature formula that shrink-wraps and removes hairs as short as 1mm. We find that they are very pliable and painless for most people – depending on whether you have had a waxing treatment before. Should there be any difficult or stubborn hair growth to remove from the skin, Lycon Hot Wax can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without any skin trauma or irritation.

Lycon Strip Waxes are used super thinly, they remove even the shortest of hairs. Plus they don’t leave a sticky residue on the surface of your skin and are virtually pain free! 

All Lycon Strip waxes can be reapplied on the same area 2 to 3 times should some hair be missed.

Strip Wax

Full Leg 

3/4 Leg 

1/2 Leg (Upper) 


1/2 Leg (Lower) 


Full Arm 

Back and Chest 















Hot Wax



Extended Bikini 


G String 


Brazilian & Hollywood 




Eyebrow Lip or Chin 



Lip and Chin

Lip and Eyebrow 


Eyebrow, Lip and Chin














COVID-19 Precautions


Please consider these points before arrival. If you are affected by these questions please rebook your appointment.


1. Do you have a fever or have you had a high temperature in the last 10 days (a fever is a temperature greater than 37.5)?


2. Have you had a cough or any other respiratory signs in the last 10 days?


3. Do you have or have you felt extreme fatigue in the last 10 days?


4. Have you noticed a loss of sense of smell or taste in the last 10 days?


5. Have you been in contact with or living with someone suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19?


6. If so, have you or your associate fully recovered from COVID-19?



For more information, please click on the below World Health Organisation link for more information.

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